Apparently they weren't empty threats.  When The Obama administration pushed for the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, some of the nations largest employers said that the costs associated with the new mandate would force them into reducing hours, a cut-back on hiring, or worse.  As these companies now start to face the affects of the AFHCA - or Obamacare as it's colloquially called, their threats are coming to pass.

Hundreds of Wendy’s workers are seeing their hours cut back because of President Barack Obama’s health care law.

[Sources report that] nearly 300 employees at 11 Wendy’s locations in the Omaha area will have their hours reduced to 28 hours a week because the franchise owner says he can’t afford to pay his employees health care.

Under terms of the new legislation, employers must provide and pay for health insurance for all employees who work 32 hours or more.