May 7th is NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Awareness Day in Wisconsin, and the Division Of Emergency Management urges you to get one. With recent tornadoes in central U.S. and the very unusual weather we've experienced in Wisconsin, a weather radio could save your life.

I have two weather radios at home, one for my boat, and another in my vehicle. During spring storms, and winter weather, I listen frequently. If you enjoy camping, hiking, boating, or are outdoors a lot, you should own at least one. They are inexpensive, portable, need no cell service, and give adequate warning of approaching storms, winds, tornadoes, boating information, flooding, road conditions, and five day forecasts for your area. Remember, there are areas that have no cell service, or minimal service at best, and a weather radio could be your only source of approaching danger.

You may purchase them almost anywhere.  I prefer the smaller hand held units, that can fit in my pocket, bag, backpack etc. When we consider the minimal cost versus the potential hazards, having one with you at all times is a wise decision.  Living in Wisconsin, we are all familiar with quick changing weather patterns. Don't get caught without one, weather radios save lives.