Sure - you can get an extra-strong Columbian dark roast.  Want a breakfast sandwich?  No problem.  Holiday CD?  You bet!  However - you might want to answer Mother Nature's call somewhere else.

Starbucks  loves to set up cafes in areas with heavy foot traffic. But its restrooms end up open to everyone as a result.

The company is getting a little tired of that in New York, according to news reports. So it's begun closing off some restrooms to everyone but employees.

"Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore," one source familiar with the company's plans told The New York Post. The location on 45th Street and Sixth Avenue was one of the first to convert its restroom to employees-only.

The use of Starbucks as a public restroom is so ingrained into some New Yorkers heads that that's what they think of first when they think of the chain:  a place to use the restroom.

New York Magazine says New Yorkers who need to use the restroom instinctively look for a Starbucks, whether they plan to buy something or not. "The mere prospect of large-scale bathroom-shutterings​ is terrifying," Dan Amira writes.