This guy is running for President of the United States, and he can't balance his own checkbook. Wow,  he'd make a good president, let's vote for him. Better yet, let's nominate him for President of the World! Maybe you'd like him to run your company? Newt says, "Hey, I'm out charging $50 to folks to get their picture taken with me, and I work hard at it. At the end of the day,I'm tired, need to get a bite to eat, watch a little TV then get to bed..I haven't got time to balance balance, balance." And this is the man who wants to be President. I call it mysteries of the mind....

Newt Gingrich's $500 check to pay the filing fee has bounced. If the former House speaker doesn't pay up by April 20, the story says, his name won't appear on the ballot.

The Utah primary -- the last of the presidential nominating season -- is June 26.

via Newt Gingrich's check bounces for Utah ballot.