A new survey details the worst franchised family restaurants in America.  The good news - none of them have locations in the Twin Ports - however you may encounter them as you "hit the open road" this summer.


As a restaurant category, family restaurants promise a lot of things to different people - so it's easy to see how they're set up to fail from the beginning.  A safe place to bring the kids.  Cheap prices.  Standard, "American-fare" on the menu.  Expectations can tend to be pretty low to begin with.

According to the survey done by Consumer Reports, the family restaurants that ranked the lowest on the list were Waffle House and Friendly's.  Unclean conditions, unfriendly wait staff, and lousy service in general attained the low rankings for both restaurants.

Have you ever eaten at Friendly's or Waffle House?  What did you think of the experience?