We hear about people who text and drive. They are the worst drivers. That certainly is a distraction, but is can be put down. So food and other distractions. A new report say kids are actually the worst distraction because they don't go away.

In the study people said that children yelling, asking questions, wanting to eat, needing help, wanting to watch a dvd was the top distraction and made people not concentrate on their driving.

AAA found that babies are 8 times more distracting to drivers than adults, and 12 times more than talking on the phone.

According to ABC27  many parents have their own ways of turning the crankiest passenger into a happy backseat camper. Some pop in a DVD. Others get a little more creative to help stay focused on the road. "I ask him what road signs we are coming up on next. I ask him what he is seeing...kind of getting him more occupied and more focused," said one parent.

Other studies have recommended parents plan ahead to have everything within reach for the child so they aren't asking for help, and to engage them with the old fashioned radio to keep them busy.