Hey! Are you going to finish that? How many times have you heard that when you go out to eat. Now, it's an app for your iphone or android. It's called "Leftover Swap". You take a pic of the leftover food, then people decide what to trade for it.

How it works is, you take a picture of your leftover food and post it. It goes into the app's database and people that live in your area can decide what to trade for. I think that is kind of gross. I would trade something for my Aunt Lynn's egg bake, but then again, If my Aunt Lynn made me egg bake, there wouldn't be any left.

The founders aren't sure how to actually make money from Leftover Swap. For now, they see it as an effort to do good.

According to NPR, Founder Dan Newman says "We're not gonna make millions," he goes on to say, "[The environmental concern] is a big part of it. There's a bunch of studies about how much more food we need to produce for the world population by 2050, and how fertilizers are less effective and our current rate of producing food isn't going to suffice. Meanwhile, in the US we produce so much more food than we consume and so much is going to waste."

It is not available to the public yet, they are looking into the liability aspect of it. The founders also go on to say, they will not allow people to sell the food. Everything on the site will be about sharing and helping each other.

By the way, the app won't be out till the end of August.