Having lived in many cities throughout America, I'm well versed on the topic of neighbors. I've lived next to  the proverbial "neighbor from hell" many times over,as well as neighbors that I've lived next to for years and never knew their name. My neighbors in Lake Nebagamon however are simply the best.

I seem to have a knack for getting my fanny in a sling. Things just sort of happen..like this morning for example. Lots of snow in the driveway, I'm needing to get to the radio station, and wondering how I'll get the car through the snow in the driveway. As I'm looking out my kitchen window, here comes my next door neighbor Mike Johnson on his tractor, and he starts plowing my driveway! I told Mrs Rayman, I can't believe my eyes, "he's a good neighbor " she replied. After he did my driveway, I watched as he drove away off to another destination to help someone else. She was right, he is a good neighbor.

I could go on and on about the times neighbors and townsfolk have come to my aid in Lake Nebagamon over the years. I thank them for their help...as neighbors they're great, as people they're priceless..