One of the most confusing things I think as a parent is some of the ways we make our kids safe. When I had to strap JJ, my first, into his seat I was baffled and wasn't sure I had the seat in the car right.

Lucky for me I knew people at law enforcement and the fire hall to talk to and get advice. Some people don't know where to go for help. According to the Child Safety website there are mistakes a lot of people make.

Turning a child from a rear-facing restraint to a forward-facing restraint too soon. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends keeping children rear-facing until 2 years old if possible.

Restraint is not secured tight enough — it should not shift more than one inch side-to-side or out from the seat.

Harness on the child is not tight enough — if you can pinch harness material, it’s too loose.

Retainer clip is up too high or too low — should be at the child’s armpit level.

The child is in the wrong restraint — don’t rush your child into a seat belt.

Talking to Heather Darby, she heads up seat belt and child restraint for Minnesota, she had some helpful tips. Don't go looking for car seat at a rummage sale. Doesn't matter if they are expensive or softer, they all have to meet the same laws. So you can shop for comfort but don't base your shopping on that. Also, when you are looking, base your decision on the size of your car. I didn't know that you should have the store let you take it to your car and try it out.

Visit their website to find out where there are classes and seminars in your area or watch the videos. click here

Here's the interview with Heather for you to listen to.