While I don't want to think certain Nascar teams are cheating, I know they push the envelope.They always have, and probably always will. Teams are always looking for an edge, some legal, most not. My heart goes out to Jeff Gordon, who through no fault of his own didn't make it into the Chase, despite the fact he was only one point away, and ran a fantastic race. Mike Helton's efforts to take away driver points and fine those responsible is a lame effort to right the wrong here. Will Nascar ever find the magic key that unlocks the "cheat" door? Of course not, remember Nascar was founded by people running "shine" back in the day. That too was illegal wasn't it?

In an unprecedented move, NASCAR levied the biggest penalty in its history Monday night and altered the makeup of its playoff field two days after it was set according to an article in USA Today.

Gone from the Chase for the Sprint Cup is Michael Waltrip Racing driver Martin Truex Jr., who had made the championship playoff field after teammates Clint Bowyer and Brian Vickers apparently manipulated the outcome of Saturday night's Richmond race under orders from the team. Ryan Newman, whose playoff hopes were seemingly thwarted by MWR's foul play, was put back into the Chase. But Jeff Gordon, also affected, remained out of the Chase.