I received a lot of emails telling me people missed the interview or they wanted to hear it again. So, here's Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart. Here's a list also of releases for the band in the last couple of years.

New book (Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart Soul and Rock & Roll) out 9/18

New CD (Fanatic) out 10/2

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 9/25

Box set (Strange Euphoria) released June 5

In the middle of a 50-city tour till October

Obviously, there is a lot of talking I did with Nancy off the air. She is a wonderful woman, I love that fact that she was the woman I expected her to be. When you have an idol, you hope they are a certain way, and she was all of that and more. Thank you Nancy for doing a small market radio show.











Here's the Interview: