The band MYNX a staple of Duluth music from the 80's is celebrating 30 years togetehr this Friday April 26th at Grandma's Sports Garden. The 30th Anniversary Concert is benefit the Essentia Health Foundation Breast Health Center. A lot has changed over those 30 years, and some things thankfully have remained the same.

Some of the changes that have taken place, the band has become older, as we all do. They have raised families, moved on to other projects along the way, and with the years has come appreciation of the music, and the friendship they have forged with each other.

We are all familiar with the Connolly brothers, especially Jack, national champion and Hobey Baker Award winner, sons of Mark Connolly, guitar for MYNX. They have moved on to become great hockey players in their own right. Mark left the band and became a hockey Dad for a while, and when he had the time he found he missed the playing.

Mark and Tammy Schmitt, Keyboards and Lead Singer for the band, have seen their boys move on to write and produce some of their own music. Most recently, Dane, who is the leader of Jamestown Story, has just released his new album "Show Me Tomorrow".

The rest of the band have grown up and watched their kids grow up. When I talk to the band they all share stories of kids at practice, having to stop practice to take care of something for them.

I remember seeing them many times, but my most vivid memory is the Pepsi battle of the bands at the Miller Hill Mall, they sounded great, they were tight and well practiced and I thought it was cool that they had a girl as their bass player.

Being apart for a little bit of time and having their own lives to deal with and then coming back together made each person appreciate the band more. They re-united for this concert 4 years ago and decided that because they wanted to use their talent for something else other than $100 bucks each a night. So, they came up with the idea of doing events and raising money for charity.

This Friday they will be playing your 80's favorites, but they have branched out to other songs spanning other decades and can really claim a variety in the music they play.

Tickets are just $10 each,  All proceeds benefit the Essentia Health Foundation Breast Health Center. Celebrating 30 years together! MYNX
Listen to the full interview with Tammy and Mark