Halo grew up in  Duluth, Minnesota and music was something of an immediate interest to him. At age 3 he started singing in his home church, and was quickly asked to sing in many other churches in his area as well.

He started playing other instruments in grade school and soon realized that music was something he was born to do. A big dreamer, Halo often aspired to be the big artists he would watch on TV or at concerts he would attend.


Living with the motto “I will not back down, I won’t give up”, he also found dancing as a passion. Putting countless hours in to practicing this new art, he was quickly recognized for his skills and talents. After attending an audition in Florida, he was scouted by several agencies and was eventually signed with MSA as a professional dancer/model. This opportunity landed him in L.A. where he met several people in the music industry. One year latera family change caused him to move back home where he continued to perfect his craft. Never letting circumstances get in the way of his passion, he continued to network and use his skills to grow as an artist.

Halo writes music about relationships, fighting for his dreams, his faith, his failures, and his belief in others.

photo chris allen

Here's the acoustic version he sang on the air.


Here's the Video of "One of One"