It seems whenever I play this song, I'll get a phone call or two from listeners saying something like "it's great to hear those old fifties songs again Rayman." The truth is, Morse Code Of Love is not a fifties song, it's an eighties song made to sound like a fifties tune. Here's the story.

Nick Santamaria was the lead singer for the Capris. Their first huge hit was "There's A Moon Out Tonight", and the song sold millions. Although a fantastic group, they were never able to follow it up with another hit. The Capris wrote many of their own songs, and used them in their shows, but never recorded them. One day in 1981, Nick gets a call from an "Oldies Revival" show, and was asked if they could perform one of their unreleased songs in addition to their million seller "There's A Moon Out Tonight."

Nick chose a song that he started to write in 1961, but never finished titled "Morse Code Of Love." He completed the song in record time, sang it at the revival show, and it was such a hit they recorded it. Oldies stations started playing the song all over America, thinking it was a fifties song, but you know the truth..partially written in 1961, finished and recorded in 1981.

Nick died two years ago after a three year battle with cancer.