With the cost of medications rising on a yearly basis, the lack of generic drugs available, and higher deductibles of many health insurance programs, more Americans are opting to purchase their prescribed medicines from other countries. And, it's legal.

It's a known fact that once a generic drug hits the market, prices fall between 60 to 80 %. The problem is many of the drugs we use today are not available as a generic here in the U.S. This means people who are struggling with a chronic illness, people living on a fixed income, or folks trying to raise kids, pay for a college education, or set money aside for emergencies are pretty much held captive when it comes to medication.

Generic drugs are more available in other countries because those countries allow generic medications to enter the marketplace far sooner than we do in America, and for that reason prices are very reasonable. Generic drugs are available for most brand name drugs as well.

If you want to stay with a brand name, you'll find they are also cheaper, typically twenty to thirty per cent less than they sell for in America, because of strict price controls.

To get started, all most companies outside the U.S. require are copies of your current prescription, your personal info (name, mailing address etc.) and a method to pay for it. It's pretty simple.

In my opinion, this is really something to look into. As always, do research on the company, and check it out thoroughly before you place an order. Whether or not it's for you is a personal decision, but, it does get you thinking doesn't it?