Even if you never left your home today, a Minnesota-roadway affected your life in some form or fashion.  That's because even if you didn't personally drive on those highways, a product, good, or service that you consumed did.  That's the point that the Minnesota Department of Transportation wants to convey to visitors of the Minnesota State Fair - on now through Labor Day Weekend.

Visit the MNDOT booth in the Education Building - 1372 Cosgrove Street - to see how Minnesota roads get people and goods from A to B.

“We all have a stake in a strong transportation system,” said MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle. “Every trip we take from point A to point B, we use a road, a bridge, a rail line, a runway, a bike path or a waterway to connect us to our destinations.”

The booth is also interactive, with an invitation to visitors to share their responses to questions like "what's your favorite A to B" route and "how did you get to the fair".  Best responses will be shared each day on MNDOT's Facebook Page.

In addition, the State Fair is your chance to pick up the current copies of the Minnesota State Fair Map and the much-anticipated, newly-released Minnesota State Bicycle Map.