According to many sports websites and announced on NBC Sunday night football. Josh Freeman, who has had trouble in Tampa Bay, is now a Viking. He signed a one year $3 million dollar deal.

I am truly wondering what the Vikings are up to. I understand putting in Matt Cassell, maybe to fuel Ponder to play. Matt played so well, that as a coach, I would not put Ponder back in. Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier has said that Ponder is still the guy, but is Minnesota management saying he is not. I wonder who is truly running this team.

Josh Freeman always has a good day when he plays Minnesota. He beat the team last year even though he and his team were having a bad year, he looked like an all star.

Freeman, drafted in 2009, from Kansas State, came out strong and led the team to a respectable record, then came a new coach two years later, and there were rumblings he was not getting along with him. Which makes him a great candidate for the Vikings. He does have some MN connections, he broke Brad Johnson's record for most starts as a QB during a season. (Brad once played in MN)

So, does this mean the Vikings found a young QB that can take this team to the Big Bowl, or is this another signing to scare Christian Ponder into being one. I think if Christian hasn't shown anything yet, he isn't going to.

Leave Matt Cassell in, let's see why you signed him, dump Ponder, move Freeman to the back up position. Is this another year the Vikings implode? Funny how we see these decisions no matter who the coach or owner is.