In my opinion, if Christian Ponder hadn't had that killer game against Green Bay to get the Vikes into the playoffs, Tim Tebow would have had a better season. Viking critics are putting pressure on Ponder to live up to his firs round draft choice. Cue the mentor.

Jeff George, who made a stop in Minnesota, used to torture coaches. He used to have his own way of doing things, and if he could pull it off, throw a long ball when his coaches would say to play it safe. Which is why he is a good mentor. Ponder has trouble with the bomb. With the WR core that is on the team, and the new weapons that have been added, he really has to perform.

According to Jeff Farrar of Shutdown Corner Yahoo!, "We haven't talked a whole lot," Ponder said. "He has come up to me a few times. He understands the game. Obviously, he was around for a while. He's got a great knowledge of the game. He's sat in the meetings and stuff with us. Just another guy that you can bounce something off of him, and he's good to have around."

Jeff isn't a coach yet, but if he can bring Christian Ponder up and teach him a trick or two, he may be able to do now what he couldn't do as a QB, create a job for himself.