Owen Schipnewski took his son hunting. Something they do every year, goose hunting in the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area in western Minnesota. He was feeling warm that day so he took off his jacket and put it in the back of the truck. Something he's done many times before, but this time something changed.

When he went to retrieve his Cabella’s Gortex camouflaged hunting jacket, it was missing. Not only the jacket, but so too was his wallet, along with his driver’s license, credit cards and $1,700 in cash, that he had put in his jacket.

So, he turned around and backtracked hoping to find the outerwear, but to no avail.

Then, earlier this month, the auto mechanic suddenly got a phone call he never expected. He waited hoping to get a phone call from someone that may have picket it up, after all it had his license in it, they could find him.

Bring in one of the other players in this happy story, Trent Jorgenson. He's a local farmer, finds the jacket has blown on to his property and picks it up, thinking it's a pretty sweet jacket he hangs it in his garage for later use, never checking the pockets.

As it turns out, Jorgenson’s wife actually found the wallet when she was going to run it through the washing machine. Trent was going to go hunting with some buddies and wanted the jacket clean and brought it in to be washed.

Jorgenson says he thought only one thing when they found the valuables, call the true owner and let him have them back. So four years after losing the jacket, Owen Schipnewski got in his truck and got the jacket and the contents back and credits Jorgenson with being an honest man. Thanked Jorgenson's wife for checking the pockets and said he is happy to know there are honest people left in the world.

By the way, everything was there, Owen Schipnewski couldn't believe it.