It was a win for the food industry along with farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin as California voters rejected a vote to mandate labeling for food products that have been genetically modified. Part of the reason that the election went the way it did was an investment from the food industry to lobby potential voters;  Those investments included money from local companies.

Faribault Foods, known for its Kuner's beans and Butter Kernel vegetables, was one of five Minnesota companies that contributed to the anti-labeling initiative.

General Mills Inc. was the largest Minnesota contributor, giving $1.23 million, according to MapLight, a nonpartisan research outfit. Hormel Foods Corp. was next at $467,900, then Cargill Inc. at $238,888, Land O'Lakes Inc. at $153,300 and Faribault Foods at $76,000.

St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. was the biggest financial force against Proposition 37, contributing about $8 million, MapLight said.

By a large majority, California voters overturned the proposition;  53% of voters elected to shoot down Proposition 37.