Miller Beer has finally hired a genius, or a guy that was at a party with me. How many times have you been in a beer drinking game and lost because your beer wasn't fast enough? Ok, so maybe just me.

Miller released a punch top beer can... it lets you drink your beer faster. The can has a second tab that can be opened to increase airflow and reduce glug.

The company calls it an improved, smoother way to deliver the taste. But a drug and alcohol expert calls it a recipe for danger for young drinkers.

“Miller Lite is giving beer lovers an even more enjoyable drinking experience with the breakthrough punch top can,” said Amy Breeze, director of innovation and activation for Miller Lite. “In our testing, consumers told us they prefer the punch top can three-to-one over the standard beer can because it’s more like drinking from a pilsner glass. We’re proud of our product and think everyone will have a blast exploring different ways to open it.”

The company’s advertising campaign encourages consumers to get creative with tools to open the punch top can. One advertisement sees consumers using items such as a spanner, drumstick and a fishing hook to open the tab.

All Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft 12 and 16 oz cans will feature the second tab.