Every couple of years Microsoft changes something to Windows. I think it's just to sell more copies, in my opinion it doesn't improve, it still crashes, I hear people complain all the time. Why make drastic changes to a product people are using and are used to? I don't know. I have an idea, let's make Windows better rather than just new.  Make it so when you buy a new computer, it works right.

Microsoft is replacing the start button, one of the only buttons my Mom knows. I can always tell her, ok Mom, go to the start and then click here. Now what? I will have to charge her from now on or get a program I can get on her computer and fix from a remote area.

To replace the start button, Microsoft will reportedly turn that space into a hot corner, sources told The Verge. Hovering your mouse or swiping your finger over that spot will bounce you back and forth between the Metro UI and the desktop in an attempt to offer a more consistent experience between the two environments.

Fans of the traditional start button may not be happy. But The Verge believes the move is final given that Microsoft has been chewing on this decision for awhile. On the plus side, the super bar will retain its Windows 7 functionality as home to pinned shortcuts for launching your favorite desktop applications.

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