Interesting photos. I'm not sure I'd describe the house "a pigpen", however they are the photos shown in court. You decide.

Michael Jackson may have died in a clutter-filled house that looked like a pig pen, but according to a prop maker for his 1995 video, “Scream,” Jackson was a germaphobe who wanted every speck of dust removed from the set.

Kelly Walker told us that during the video shoot on a back lot at Universal Studios, staff was not allowed to eat or drink anything in Jackson’s presence.

“It’s weird that he lived in that type of condition before he died,” Walker said of the details revealed in the ongoing manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray, Jackson’s doctor. “Because on ‘Scream’ he made it clear to the producer and director it better be clean. We had to wipe it down and polish everything. You couldn’t have any dust or even a smudge.”

Jackson would arrive wearing a black leather surgical mask to go with his all-black clothes, sunglasses and hat, according to Walker, who said the singer was flanked by two security guards in trench coats who wore guns in shoulder holsters. Jackson did not socialize with the crew and no one was allowed to speak to him, unlike his sister Janet, who talked to everyone and had only one assistant with her.

Walker said Jackson also had an ultra-secure trailer on set, sequestered behind a chain link fence and rows of potted trees.
“Why the hell did he need all of this — the hedges and the guards — when he’s on a secure lot on his own set where there’s already security?” Walker said.

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