This trial should be an interesting one to follow, and I for one will do that. I'm wondering to myself, if we'll ever get the real truth as to what happened? Fell free to comment.

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist was ordered to give copies of the pop star’s medical records Wednesday to attorneys for the doctor charged in Jackson’s death.

But a lawyer for Jackson’s estate was successful in convincing the judge not to order estate executors to give the defense detailed financial information about money the singer owed when he died.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff argued Wednesday he needed the financial and medical information to make the case that Jackson, who was “a desperate man in many respects,” gave himself the fatal dose of surgical anesthesia while the doctor was not watching.

“He was actually in more debt as a result of the concerts than he would have obtained from doing the concerts,” Chernoff said.

The defense believes music catalogs owned by Jackson were “essentially worthless” because of several loans in which they were used as collateral, Chernoff said.

“Jackson did a desperate act and took desperate measures that caused his own death,” Chernoff said. “Therefore, his emotional, physical and financial condition are relevant to show his state of mind when he did this act.”

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled that the defense subpoena for Jackson’s financial records, which his estate controls, was overly broad.

“I’m not going to turn a trial involving involuntary manslaughter into an escapade and into a detailed analysis of the finances of Michael Jackson’s entire life,” Pastor said.

The judge, however, did not quash the defense subpoena ordering Jackson estate executor John Branca to testify in the trial.