One of my favorite check ins on you tube is Huff Paranormal. He has given me ideas on how to conduct good evp sessions and following spirits. He has come out with a new video that shows him with a Ouija board to verify the information he gets.

Here's what he had to say about the session:

My son and I did a session on video using our home made Ouija Board. We decided to do a session but also try to HEAR the spirit by using the spirit box while using the board. I think you will see that this worked out pretty well.

As for those who will tell me the Ouija only attracts Demons, this is not the case. You attract what you want to attract and all we put out in our life and in our home is love, peace and more love."

I am reluctant to try a Ouija board when I ghost hunt, but I like the idea if someone were to try it. The Ghost Box is still in the experimental stages, but it confirms the fact that someone is there when I feel them.

Here's the video: