Imagine this, you are sitting in court and the Judge says, I'm sorry sir, you are legally dead. That’s exactly what happened to Ohio resident Donald Eugene Miller Jr. on Monday when a judge upheld a 1994 court ruling declaring the 61-year-old legally dead.

Here's how the story goes, Eugene was an alcoholic and apparently was on a huge bender. He disappeared and was not heard from, so the judge at the time declared him legally dead so that his wife could get benefits for his children.

Miller resurfaced and found he could not do anything because his social security card had been taken away and he could not renew his drivers lisence, not even get a new i.d. card.

According to Yahoo! News, Each state can make its own laws regarding declaring someone legally dead. Most generally rely on a similar set of criteria: that someone is missing and presumed dead if they can't be located for at least seven years, the absence has been continuous and a genuine effort has been made to locate the person.

The good news is, Miller can petition to get his ss card and drivers license back, the bad news is he has depleted his funds to do so.

Also his wife Robin Miller says she didn't want it overturned because she would have to pay the state back all the $26,000 she got for her children and she doesn't have that money anymore.

Supposedly he missed the 3 year limit to reinstate his identification, so now he must do it legally with lawyers. He says he didn't even know he was dead until his parents called him in rehab and told him about it.

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