We've all heard of various ways people attempt suicide. Jumping off bridges, overdosing, hanging, carbon monoxide etc. This one takes the cake for originality though. According to USA Today, a man tried to end it all by power drilling himself in the old noggin.

Central Indiana police say a Michigan man apparently set on killing himself began boring into his own skull with a power drill after he crashed his car into a highway guardrail.

Police spokesman Joel Sandefur says 29-year-old Earl Morgan III of LaPeer, Mich., was in serious condition at an Indianapolis hospital.

Police say a witness called 911 Tuesday morning and said he'd just seen a car drive into an Interstate guardrail. The caller said the driver then exited the wrecked car, removed a power drill from the trunk and began drilling into his head behind his right ear.

police are still investigating the reasons for Morgan's apparent suicide attempts.