Ever left anything behind on a flight you took? I have, but it was a minor thing. Should you put a phone number or name on something? How hard is it to get something back once you have lost it, is one of the biggest questions. Think it's hard to get your luggage, try this on for size.

Some of the things people have left behind that makes you wonder, underwear (what was that person doing going commando to be more comfortable.....ugh), frogs, prosthetic leg, food, toys, cash, and false teeth.

According to Travelweeklyweb.com almost a quarter (24%) of crew have found a lost passport on board, which is even higher than the number of phones (23%) and books (21%) left behind. “Many of us have left something behind when we’ve travelled such as a book or magazine. However, this survey has revealed that some people have left some quite bizarre items on board and items such as the glass eye and prosthetic leg make you wonder how they could have been missed by the owner. I’m sure one or two items have raised a few smiles among the cabin crew,” said Victoria Bailie.

How hard is it to get things back? Most airlines want you to get on their website and fill out a form, then call an 800 number. Some will end it there, some have you call the local airport and speak to someone else in lost baggage. According to an article in the NY Times, United and American say they do their best to get things back to their owners and if you call enough times you may reach someone that will help you. Chances are if you left your name and phone number on it.....that won't help you either. The item usually gets passed among many hands who don't take responsibility to call you.