You already know that orange juice is good for you - packed with Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients.  Now, scientists are working to develop a "super"-orange juice that would ward off all sorts of ailements.

A team of Norwich scientists has created a sweet Spanish orange that contains the health-giving red pigments of the Sicilian blood orange.

The boffin are confident the fruit will yield a ‘superjuice’ that helps to combat a range of medical disorders, from obesity and heart disease to irritable bowel syndrome.

This hybrid could prove beneficial, but there is a catch:  Blood Oranges are hard to grow.

Blood oranges are rich in anthocyanins, which are also believed to protect the body against a wide range of illnesses.

Blood orange juice are known to prevent weight gain, and studies have shown that even one drink of blood orange juice can improve cardiovascular risk factors compared to blonde orange juice.

The hard part is that blood oranges are extremely difficult to cultivate, due to needing periods of cold temperatures immediately prior to harvesting, to stimulate the production of the anthocyanins.