Long the source of pop-culture jokes, it appears that the Library Police are realand alive in Charlton.

A 5-year-old girl burst into tears after police arrived at her house to collect two overdue library books she had in her possession.

The girl's mother said police went "too far" when the Charlton police paid a visit to her home on Dec. 27 to collect the library books the family did not return on time.

The libary's side of the story of course involves the overdue book.

The Charlton Public Library says it sent out several warnings and it wasn't the two children's books, "How To Tie My Shoes" and "Eloise's Birthday," that was the library's primary concern as much as the $100 audio book checked out by Tony Benoit in spring 2009; that book alone had reportedly accumulated over $100 worth of late fees. The books Hailey checked out were due in Oct. 2010.

And, for you legal junkies out there comes this piece of prudence from the Charlton Police:

"I asked the chief... 'When does something borrowed become stolen?" CNN reported library spokesperson Cheryl Hansen said. "'The chief said, 'When it's overdue!""