A project that started in 1980 will see it's next step on Thursday, as officials move the Leif Erickson Viking Ship that currently rests in Leif Erickson Park to a a city building for repairs.

The replica ship will be lifted by crane and trucked to the City of Duluth's Park and Recreation Building.   Workers will then repair the ship to get it ready for movement to it's eventual permanent location.

Donated to the City of Duluth in the early 1900's, it gradually fell into disrepair until 1980 - when a city councilman suggested that the replica ship be burned (a suggestion that followed Norwegian/Viking customs for destroying old ships).  WIll Borg, the grandson of the man who originally brought the ship to Duluth, reached out to then-councilman Neill Atkins for help.  Together,  they put together a group of interested parties and volunteers to make the repairs happen.

Fundraising for the repairs started in 1985, restoration started in 1991, and continue to this day.  This move marks one more step in the process for the replica Viking Ship's eventual return to glory.

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