It's been a strange Winter and Spring here in the Northland hasn't it? I had a bet the lake would not be totally open until May 15th. I lost the bet, it opened on the 14th. Most of the boaters figured the docks would be out perhaps as early as the 18th, but due to circumstances beyond our control (don't you just love when people say that), two of the three weren't installed until yesterday. Last weekend we had several boaters unload their boats from the trailer, push them out into the water, jump aboard and away they went.

The lake is always high this time of year, plenty of good fishing, and Adam Clark the weatherman has promised us good weather for the Memorial Day weekend. The bars and restaurants are stacked to the hilt for your pleasure as well. For a fun weekend, c'mon out to beautiful Lake Nebagamon, catch a mess of fish, and enjoy the weekend with me. I'll see you there!