It wasn't that long ago Mrs. Rayman and I attended a Bell Boys concert at the auditorium in Lake Nebagamon. My wife had seen them performing several times at the high school, and was impressed enough to insist I attend  their concert. I was impressed to say the least.

Brothers Erik, Jacob and Elijah were living in Lake Nebagamon at the time we saw them. Later they moved to California, bound and determined to be successful. I had a couple conversations with their father Xavier, and was not only impressed with the passion he had for his sons, but also his  knowledge of the music industry.  He's a beautiful guy and one cool dude.

Persistence has paid off for the Bell Boys, as this Saturday night they'll be playing at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Take it from Rayman, these guys have got it and they're on the way to the top. I couldn't be happier for them. I believe huge success is right around the corner.