I ran across an interesting article on CNN, about a lady who became unemployed and decided to do something productive instead of sitting around and collecting unemployment. Kudos to her, she's on to something that could make her a nice income, and serve the public at the same time with her Album Journals.Over the years I have made a study of the habits of successful people from all walks of life, politicians, bands, business owners, motivational speakers, sports figures etc. Almost without exception, each kept a daily journal. I thought to myself," if it works for them, maybe I should keep a journal too", which I did..for about a month. Then my a.d.d. kicked in full blast  and I was off to other adventures.
I think I have completed about four journals over the last ten years, but for those that keep daily or weekly journals, this is a really cool item. You will  come up with other uses for your journal too like, recipies, address books and to do's for example.