The KOOL Football Schwamee doesn't hide the fact that he is a little partial to the Minnesota Vikings, but he also knows all bets are off when it comes to the Packer/Viking Border Battle. It could be anyone's game. The Minnesota Vikings will have their first home game with the Packers, and the Schwamee says the Vikings will just win by 3 points.

Here's all the picks for the week, Schwamee picks in Red, Winner underline..


Jets vs Bills

49ers vs Panthers

Cowboys vs Redskins

Bengals vs Steelers

Saints vs Giants

Dolphins vs Patriots

Chiefs vs Texans

Titans vs Lions

Ravens vs Browns

Seahawks vs Rams

Buccaneers vs Cardinals

Jaguars vs Chargers

Falcons vs Raiders

Colts vs Broncos

Packers vs Vikings

Eagles vs Bears