Kiss released their long awaited "Monster" CD today, and of course I picked one up. The version I bought was 3 D. I knew I had seen a version that had a magazine, so I went to the website to see.

Yep, at another location you get a magazine, one version has free gifts and a free fan sign up on the website.  You can even buy a version online that is vinyl and a picture disc on the official kiss website.

Leave it to the band that has condoms for sale with their picture on it to come up with ways to drain your wallet. They have t shirts that are exclusive to the website, exclusive to members, and exclusive to women.

They sell Christmas decorations, a KISS coffin, and KISS lunch boxes. Do you really think kids will get those to way.

So, did I fall for the marketing ploy? YES!!! Why do you have to be so good KISS. Can I plead the 5th on this one and say, it's because I want to make my 3 year old Sam happy because he likes KISS so much. NO!! It's because I have to have all the versions, just what Gene Simmons was hoping for.

I still love them, and the album is actually very good!!
Hear some of their new music now

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