I have come to a decision, I owe KISS an apology. The story that is floating around is KISS won't play the Rock N Roll Hall of fame the night of their induction because they can't decide who should play. That made me angry. KISS has maintained that they wanted their new guys and some of the older ones to play and be inducted.

Well, the same thing has happened to Nirvana, another favorite band of mine. After hearing this story I checked into KISS.

Guitarist Pat Smear is visible at rear right. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Nirvana says in a statement released that their original drummer and long time second guitarist will not be inducted into the hall of fame. Even though Chad (the drummer) played helped form the band, played on the first album and first single, he is not inducted. Pat Smear, long time second guitarist live and featured on the MTV Live cd and Live and Loud cd and video, will also NOT be inducted. The Hall of Fame won't even discuss it.

After reading that article, I looked more into KISS, and it seams the Hall of Fame will only induct the original members, when KISS asked to talk about inducting the new guys (who are featured on the two new albums and have toured with the band for the past years, they were told no. When KISS asked about inducting Eric Carr, who did wear make up (he was the fox), and Bruce Kulick who didn't wear make up, but were members of the band through many platinum albums. The Hall of Fame shut down the talks and wouldn't even let KISS petition to have these guys put on the roster.

So, the Hall of Fame just wanted Ace, Peter, Gene, and Paul to play the night of the induction. I know I said the fans want the guys on stage and put aside their differences and play, it's not what is unfolding in the land of music. I am now behind KISS and their decision not to play. If Nirvana wants to take a stand like KISS, they should insist on not playing either.

The more I read, they are treating bands and artists poorly at the Hall of Fame. I can see why more and more artists are not playing or just doing the minimum and accepting the offer to be in.

So to KISS, I'm sorry, give 'em Hell!!!