My friend Cathy likes to try out different breakfast or health bars on me - especially when I get up early to do the morning show with her.  The other morning, she brought me in something new:  KIND Healthy Grain Bars.

The variety that we tried was the Dark Chocolate Chunk.

I tend to like breakfast or healthy grain bars that are less "cake-like" in their consistency;  Perhaps that's because I tend to make a lot of these for myself from scratch.  I was pleased that the KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk bar was of the variety that I like - chewy, grainy, and they look like the ingredients.  (No sugar glaze or "cake-like"-coating to hide the healthful ingredients).

In general, I was pleased with this bar and I would eat them again.  They tasted good, and I didn't get the feeling that I was eating a candy bar - as opposed to a health bar.

Although this isn't a personal endorsement of the product, I would recommend them to my friends.