If it's been awhile since you've cleaned your air conditioner, you probably have some dirt and gunk accumulation. This makes the unit work harder, and if left uncleaned, can stop it from working altogether.

Take a good look at your air conditioner and if it looks gunky, it's time for some easy maintenance.

Stop by your local HVAC supply shop and buy some cleaning solution.

Turn off power to your air conditioner via the circuit breaker box. Next step, hose down the coils first, then spray on the cleaning solution. Wait several minutes while the solution does it's work, then spray the coils down again with a hose to wash away both the grime and the cleaning solution.

Let the unit dry, then flip the power back on. It’ll look like new and run more efficiently, too.

You may also want to change the filter in your blower as well. You’ll have more efficient air flow, which means a lower energy bill.

Don't forget to use gloves and protective eye wear when hosing your conditioner.