Just Us stopped by the KOOL studio this morning. What a fun visit!!! We talked before they were on the air with me. We caught up on old times, I was in a band with them back in the olden days......the 80's. The funny part was the band got together because Dawn Heine booked a gig and didn't even have a band yet.....enter Kirsten Johnson and myself.

divine connection chris allen dawn heine

We started the band with Colleen Eckmark and Kyle Butkiewicz as our drummer. I played bass and Kirsten was on Keyboard. If we needed a hard guitar, I put on a distortion pedal and played chords on my bass.We added some players here and there, at one time we had 8 singers and our band. I had a 60 ft chord so I could run into the audience ('cause I couldn't afford a wireless). Our final show was the start of the "Band Cruise" on the Vista ships. Our final line up was, Kyle on drums, Me and Kirsten playing bass and keys, Kari Alexander on keyboards, Tim Armstrong on guitar, Dawn was lead singer, and Colleen came back for our final show.


Skyward Publicity Shot from Chris Allen

Colleen left for Nashville, and I followed shortly after. Dawn and Kirsten tried to keep the band going, in different forms until it became what it is. "JUST US", perfectly names. They aren't a flashy group, but they perform to have fun, for people to enjoy music, sing, which is totally them. I once said they were a good ladies group, and I didn't mean they were some old broads singing old songs. They are women that can be counted on and show people that being nice and enjoying what they do goes a long way. Ladies is a word of respect from me

They say...."We sing, we laugh, we help people out. Mostly, we have a good time with each other and our friends that come along for the ride"


I enjoyed having them because I forget how much laughing and goofing around we did as a band. We had arguments way back when as any band does, never personal, always musical, but it was to be better and put on a good show. We laughed more than anything.

When they were in the studio we laughed again, the shorthand was back and it was like old times. Sometimes you wonder what would have been if I had stayed, or anyone had stayed, but I'm glad they are what's left of our old band, they are the best version of it.

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Just Us will be at Fitgers on Sunday 12/15 with Santa, donations are accepted for Pics with Santa, money goes to Northern Lakes Food Bank.  Just Us is there from noon to 2

Here's the interview

Here's their Christmas Music