Music fan on your gift list?  No matter if they're fans of country or rock music, here's the ultimate gift for the audiophile on your list this year:  The 63-CD set called Johnny Cash:  The Complete Columbia Album Collection.

Who cares if the set retails for $230!  This box set compiles ALL of Johnny Cash's non-compilation albums for Columbia - along with cardboard replicas of the original covers.  WIth this set, you get it all - from the biggest hits to the obscure album cuts.  And, like any box set worth it's salt - it comes with a generous booklet containing important recording details.

I'm not  the largest Johnny Cash fan in the world;  I can pass on the bigger hits that most people these days tend to think of when they think of Johnny Cash (I.E. - "Ring Of Fire", "Folsom Prison Blues", et al).  As a life long country music fan, I'm more interested in the singles that hit the charts in the 1970's.  But - if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas this year................

Massive Johnny Cash box set an homage to the Man in Black.