John Lennon once gave a tooth of his to a house keeper and told her to dispose of it. Then changed his mind and told her to keep it, that it might be worth money someday. What a prediction that was.

That house keeper held on to the tooth and eventually sold it to pay for a family operation. A rich collector of star dentistry bought it and then gave it to Ari Soffer, and artist, to create a necklace.

So this artist, made a necklace for some dentists that pass it along to each other to promote the effects of mouth cancer. It's a necklace worth $25,000.

According to a post on and Yahoo! Michael Zuk, the ‘obsessed’ dentist that bought John Lennon’s tooth, (who incidentally also purchased one of Elvis Presley's crowns) said: “To celebrate the life of one of Rock & Roll’s greatest artists, I am pleased to announce we have teamed up on a unique DNA jewellery project with Los Angeles celebrity jewellery designer Ari Soffer who has made pieces for stars such as Tommy Lee, Axl Rose and Slash.

Would you pay to see someone's teeth on a necklace. What would make someone say to them selves, let's put John Lennon's tooth on a necklace. What would John Lennon think?