Joey Ramone, who died at the age of 49 a few years ago, will have his personal possessions put up on auction. Included in the auction is his personal record collection, passport, and some other odds and ends.

I mentioned the record collection that includes 97 pieces of vinyl up for sale, with titles from Led Zeppelin, the Who, T. Rex, Cream, Bob Dylan, Elton John, The Human League, Iggy Pop, KISS, the Doors, the Temptations, and the Ventures. It really shows his personal taste away from the group.

According to Joey Ramone's Rolodex is “full of record companies, musicians, and agents,” and it includes business cards from Rock 'n' Roll High School producer Allan Arkush, Epitaph Records, EMI Records, Footlight Records, Geffen Records, and the artist’s personal Addicted to Noise card.

There’s a minimum bid of $500 attached to the auction, which opens Feb. 14 and ends Feb. 21.