Jimmy Fallon has made a name for himself doing music with and by classic and legendary artists. He regularly does Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, David Bowie, and does Rap with Justin Timberlake.

Jimmy had Stevie Nicks on the show and they re-created "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". So how close is it to the original, you decide. I think it's darn close.

Since Jimmy Fallon has taken over the tonite show he has really taken it to a new level. I have said that the only way he would be a success was to make it his show. Poor Conan O'Brien got the raw end of the stick. I think he was told to cater to Jay's audience, not to an audience. He wasn't ready to take it over because he was being ill advised. Jimmy however, has made the show his own and it is good.

Here's Jimmy's version

Here's the original