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Jim Gaffigan is one of those actors/comedians that everyone knows till you say his name. His bacon bit is well known. He has made appearances on serious shows like Law and Order, and he has been on That 70's Show.

He is one of the top five most successful touring comedians in the country today and his CDs and DVDs have reached platinum sales.  Gaffigan has had an unprecedented number of appearances on late night’s “Letterman" and “Conan." His writing and voice work on the animated series “Pale Force” for Conan led to nominations for both a Broadband Emmy and a Webby Award.

Yet, when you say his name, people don't know him. He's also got a new book called DAD IS FAT. Which talks about his life with his kids. Anyone who has kids knows, there is plenty of humor to share and sometimes you just can't write it the way it plays out. Gaffigan says,
“I wrote a book. No, I did! Its all about the joys and horrors of my life with my five young children. I’m not sure if it’s a memoir, a confession, an apology or cry for help but Jeannie and friends have told me its really funny”
His humor is also what he calls "clean". His comedy is built on observation. He talks about food, other people, kids, and life.  He's coming to the DECC July 26th, and you can win tickets on KOOL from July 8th to July 12th.