Most of us have battled the bulge at one time or another in our lives,and for some it's a never ending battle. We've all read and heard the alarming facts on obesity, most of which are sad. This story of Jared however is a happy one, and great motivation for the rest of us who are fighting the fight.

Jared Fogle was so fat that he couldn't fit through doorways. He couldn't squeeze into car seats. And he chose college classes by testing classroom seats to see if could maneuver his 425-pound frame into them.

"My whole life was about planning ahead to avoid embarrassing situations," says Fogle, in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY on the 15th anniversary of his famous Subway diet. Fogle ate his way to fame with the "Jared Diet" by shedding 245 pounds in about a year. "It was exhausting."