Mick started out as a blues singer.

I ran across this article on his Top 10 Blues songs, and why he chose them. Enjoy.

#1 "I Got to Go" Little Walter, 1955

It's a fast, weird tempo — a train rhythm, because it's an on-the-move song. Little Walter was a big influence — the Charlie Parker of harmonica.

#2 "First Time I Met the Blues" Buddy Guy, 1960

He was a virtuoso. B.B. King and Otis Rush were influential on a lot of British guitar players, but Buddy had more virtuosity and different licks to nick. He had a vocal style that was harsher than everyone else.

#3 "40 Days and 40 Nights" Muddy Waters, 1956

It's got these religious overtones that give it a poignancy. You could have picked so many tracks by him, but this one gives you a shiver when you put it on.

#4 "Stones in My Passway" Robert Johnson, 1937

One of the essences of Robert Johnson is the eeriness, and this one illustrates that — the lyrics, the way he delivers it. The thing about blues lyrics is you never know who wrote them. They're a patchwork of composition — people take a line, embellish it with their own verses. But I never heard anything like this. This seems quite original.

For the rest of the list check out the link below.