Yeah, together again only this time under different circumstances. I'm interested in the film because the both of them are more known for their dry wit. I mean  Singers great, comedians not. Should be interesting.

Mick Jagger is finally ready to shoot a comedy film he's been writing with David Bowie over the past 15 years.

The pair have been apparently been putting together a script about a couple of "hellraising rock'n'roll managers", based on the likes of Andrew Loog Oldham, who managed The Rolling Stones in the '60s.

A newspaper 'source' commented: "Mick has had the script in the bag for years. He has gone back to it again recently and feels now is the time to get it out there.

"The script is full of stuff from back in the day, which Mick and the band witnessed first hand or heard about on their travels."

Jagger and Bowie have plenty of experience both in front of and behind the camera.

The Rolling Stones frontman appeared in the film Performance (which was shot in 1968 but not released until 1970), and has also produced movies such as Enigma.

Bowie has starred in films such as The Man Who Fell To Earth and Labyrinth.