I just completed reading the book, and want to share my thoughts with you. Being a Rolling Stone fan since they first hit the scene in the early sixties, and Ronnie being my favorite Stone, I had to get the book. I was a bit put off by the reviews of those that read the book, saying they now dislike Ron, are appalled at his actions etc.etc. What reviewers don't realize is the more outlandish the review, the more the book will sell. It's sort of like a song being banned on the radio..everyone goes out and buys the song.

The book itself directs us too much towards Jo, and not enough towards Ronnie. Knowing his behavior, I expected much more detail about their personal life, why she tolerated Ronnie's lifestyle for so long, more about Ronnie, less about her. Most who read the book are Stones fans, not Jo's fans if you know what I mean. I also found her to be emotionally disconnected from both Ronnie and the Stones, in fact it's almost as if she was nothing more than a hanger on at times.

The book seems it was hastily thrown together as well. It leaves out so much, it made me wonder if she wasn't reading off bullet points, rather than taking the time to bring the reader into the world of Ronnie Wood. It's more of a shell or outline than a finished product.

Despite being a huge Stones fan, I can't give the book more than one star. I totally disagree with comments made on the jacket by Harpers Bazaar ( a candid memoir), The Sun (astonishing), and The Daily Mail (definitive and explosive.)  It is none of the above, in fact to me, the book is nothing more than the ex-wife of a Rolling Stone out to make money off his name.