Last week, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit accusing the company of overcharging customers and using deceptive advertising in its displays. “My concern is this is not sloppiness -- this is a business practice that is consciously intending to steal from sick people that go into Walgreens, from old people that go into Walgreens,” Koster said at a news conference announcing the suit,  according to an article in the Huffington Post.

I've used Walgreens for fifteen years, and thought meds (for example) came under the fair trade law. Duh. Nonetheless, I will continue to shop there because it's handy, anywhere you go in any state there's always a Walgreens, and many are open 24/7 which is even better. Those factors are worth money to me. In defense of the Attorney General, I do wish they would post their prices, or even admit they do charge higher prices. The consumer could then make up their own mind, like I did.